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Ningbo Feijiao Paint Making Co., Ltd. is located at 11, Yuelongshan Road, at the foot of South Yuelong Mountain, South Suburb of Ninghai County, Ningbo City. The enterprise covers an area of 43,000m2, including factory facility area of 14,000 m2 and there are 15 scientific technicians, among of them, 2 staff with senior title, who occupies 9% of the total staff. Its fixed assets reaches 60 million Yuan, it is a professional company with annual throughput of 25,000 tons. Among the same trade in Ningbo Area, it is one of enterprises with largest throughput of water paint.   In line with the business idea of scientific encourage business, based on people, it constantly increases investment and renewing equipments, breaks through the development bottleneck from the original family workshop to scaled production management. The enterprise takes the development task of “being the most excellent national enterprise of paint making”. In 1996, on “The 3rd China Scientific& Technological Choicest Goods Expo”, Feijiao brand paint obtained the gold medal, which set up a good base for Feijiao taking the development road of brand strategy. It was chosen as “trustworthy products” by Ningbo Consumer Association in 1998-1999. The same year, the environmental protection product “mosquito killing latex” was developed successfully, which filled up the blank in environmental protection industry, chosen as “nonpublic system excellent enterprise of Zhejiang Province”, and in 2001, this environmental protection type of “mosquito killing latex” was recommended as “the first group of nonpoisonous and standard products”. In 2002, Feijiao brand paint was chosen as “the first group of trustworthy products of environmental protection and key brand of China”, which gained good social benefit for our enterprise.

In recent years, by introducing technology, talents especially who on technology and management energetically, exerting “borrowing intelligence”, “conformity”, the company makes great efforts to build up core competitive force of an advanced enterprise. Relying on the powerful technology support by UK 100-top Technological Groups, it works hard to develop new technology, new composition of water pure acid paint series products, recycles waste water from production, therefore, protects the ecological environment when reducing cost and increasing efficiency and profit. Product quality is guaranteed fully under the circumstances of running ISO9001-2000 authentication normally.   At present, our company innovates and completes corporate culture, management working system etc., which makes staff’s quality be improved correspondingly, in order to reach a management atmosphere of stable quality, standardized operation, and orderly management and makes efforts to develop Feijiao strongly.


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